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Shipping & Returns

About Shipping & Returns:
You can easily place orders with the help of our online shopping basket on the home page, and you will receive your order confirmation by e-mail upon contract acceptance. You are requested to check and make any corrections to the information you entered before completion of your order.

In addition, you may also place orders with us by telephone, post, fax, or e-mail.

Domestic orders will be sent from us with DHL or with another carrier at your request (please indicate in the comment box). All specified shipping costs include the legally determined VAT (Value Added Tax).

Please bear with us if a circumstance out of our hands should cause a delay in our services or delivery. These include government interference, natural disasters, war, rioting, strikes in supply and transit industries, or other possible situations out of our control. In these cases, we are entitled to reattempt shipment after the cause of the delay resolves. However, we also understand if you would like to cancel or leave your contract due to a delay lasting longer than three months connected with one of the aforementioned events, we, too, are entitled to do so according to our General Terms and Conditions (AGB).

We assume that by understanding these conditions, our mutual interests are appropriately regulated in effort to avoid any unnecessary or extreme claims. Finally, we would like the leisure of making partial deliveries, because occasionally we have to, and are entitled to do so. Should a partial delivery be the result of our actions, we will bear any extra shipping costs. However, if you express a desire for partial deliveries, then we are entitled to raise the shipping costs as is necessary.

Transactions with DHL:
Should you be out at the time your order is delivered, your postman will inform you by leaving a note. You have a maximum of 7 business days to pick up your order from the indicated post office.

Should your order be damaged or incorrect, it is compulsory that you inform us by phone or e-mail within 24 hours of delivery.

Note: Unfortunately, the postman will occasionally forget to leave an arrival notice when no one is present. Should your packet not arrive within 5 days of receiving our shipment confirmation, you must report it to us immediately.

Advance Payments
Advance payments are carried out by method of bank transfer.
Included in the order confirmation e-mail will be the amount due, the order number, as well as our bank and account information. Please indicate your order number and your first and last name as a note to us in your transfer. After the amount due has been fully received by our account, your order will be shipped to the indicated delivery address as it becomes available. Please note that it is no longer possible for us to accept payments in the form of cheques. Should we not receive a payment Into our account by 15 days after the receipt of your order, your order will be automatically cancelled free of charge. Also note that depending on the day of the week and the speed at which banks perform such duties, a money transfer can take 1 to 5 days to complete.

Details of bank account:
Ries & Erler
Inh. Andreas Meurer
Postbank Berlin
IBAN-CODE: DE84 1001 0010 0033 0641 09
Verwendungszweck : Bestellnummer / Vor- und Nachname

Für Überweisungen aus dem Ausland:
IBAN-CODE: DE84 1001 0010 0033 0641 09

Lieferung/Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands:
Wir versenden Bestellungen im Inland und Ausland mit der Deutschen Post AG. Natürlich können wir auf Wunsch auch ein anderes Versandunternehmen beauftragen.

Wir berechnen für den Versand innerhalb Deutschlands:
1 Ausgabe: 1€
2 Ausgaben: 2€
3 Ausgaben: 3€
4 Ausgaben: 4€
5 Ausgaben: 5€
6 Ausgaben: 6€
7 Ausgaben: 7€
8 Ausgaben: 8€
9 Ausgaben: 9€
ab 10 Ausgaben: on request

Für den Versand (Landweg) außerhalb Deutschlands berechnen wir:
1 Ausgabe: 4€
2 Ausgaben: 6€
3 Ausgaben: 9€
4 Ausgaben: 12€
5 Ausgaben: 15€
6 Ausgaben: 18€
7 Ausgaben: 21€
8 Ausgaben: 24€
9 Ausgaben: 27€
ab 10 Ausgaben: on request

Für Versand per Airmail berechenen wir jeweils eine doppelte Auslandsgebühr.

Informationen zur Verfügbarkeit:
Sollte einmal ein Artikel nicht vorhanden sein, erhalten Sie umgehend eine E-Mail zur Information, sofern sich der Artikel nicht ohnehin im Zulauf befindet. Sollte sich ein von Ihnen gewünschter Artikel nicht im Zulauf befinden, werden wir diesen umgehend nachbestellen. Sofern die Ware bei unseren Lieferanten ab Lager verfügbar ist, verzögert sich der Versand an Sie um ca. 1 bis 3 Tage.
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