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Conditions of Use

§ Items for Sale:
Payable after receipt of bill without rebate. Complaints and returns are accepted for 14 days after delivery from the date indicated on the bill. Deliveries are subject to Reservation of Title according to article 455 in the German Civil Code until payment has been made in full.

§ Items to Let, Rental Items:
1. The producer is allowed to use the material only for the agreed production. One may neither wholly nor partially abridge, alter, transcribe, digitise, nor reproduce it in an way. Should the material be utilised in a way other than what is agreed upon in the contract, an additional fee must be paid to cover this use.

2. The material is used at the risk of the producer. The material should be checked for content and integrity immediately upon receipt. Any possible complaints or physical damage must be reported to the publisher within a period of 5 business days after receipt. After the expiration of this period, complaints and damage reports will not be admitted. The publisher will not accept liability for delayed delivery. This does not apply if the delay is caused by negligence or deliberation.

3. All material must be promptly returned to the publisher at the producer’s own cost and risk, and the score must be returned no later than 9 months after the lease begins. This also applies if the lease is cancelled. Should the material not be returned promptly, a 10% penalty will be charged for each month delayed, 2% penalty for delayed scores, with a minimum penalty of EURO 50.-. Lost, damaged, or otherwise unusable material, in part or full, shall be compensated to the publisher.

4. The use of produced recordings for any type of audio/audiovisual production, i.e. film productions, advertising, is expressly prohibited. This also applies to the use of Recording in any type of digital media, both offline and online, if it is not agreed upon.

5. Partial use of material for productions requires a separate arrangement with the publisher.

6. Printing rights of any type must be separately acquired from the publisher.

7. The right of mechanical reproduction and distribution, broadcasting, public performance as well as digital recording and storing are not a subject of this contract, rather they must be specially obtained at a collection agency for mechanical reproduction such as GEMA or VG-Musikedition. Should these rights not be granted in a particular case from such an agency, a separate agreement is to be made with the publishers.

8. The transmission of productions or any part thereof to a third party is not a part of this contract and requires special permission from the publishers. Third parties in this sense are not enterprises that are legally or commercially connected to the producer. Should this point be violated, the producer owes the publisher double the amount of any incidental damages.

9. Should a single clause of this contract be invalid, the validity and effectiveness of the contract in all other respects is not affected. The invalid clause will be replaced by a clause which relates to the purpose of the next contract. Changes to the contract must be completed in writing. Subsidiary agreements are not met.

10. Should the producer not fulfil these preceding terms, a penalty of double the amount of damages will be paid. Regardless of that, the publishers reserve the right to assert damage claims.

A contract is subject to German law.
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